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    Start of the German-French-Korean workshop on Nanophotonics in Würzburg


    The 11th German-French-Korean Workshop on Nanophotonics kicked off today in the beautiful Tuscany Hall of Würzburg Residence. We are looking forward to excellent scientific contributions as well as to fruitful and rewarding discussions.

    The participants of the 11th German-French-Korean workshop in front of the conference venue "Würzburg Residence" (Tuscany Hall).

    Notwithstanding the delays with which some guests arrived in the evening before, Sven Höfling, chairholder of the chair for Applied Physics at the University of Würzburg, opened the 11th edition of the German-French-Korean workshop on schedule with warm words of welcome.

    At this particular workshop, four blocks of talks are scheduled for today and tomorrow, with each block consisting of one talk each from scientists of a French, German and Korean university. The first block today started with Jean-Michel Gérard (CEA Grenoble, France), on "Color centers of silicon as single photon sources for integrated SOI quantum hotonics chips" followed by Stephan Reitzenstein (TU Berlin, Germany) on "Development of advanced microcavity concepts for quantum dot based single-photon sources and microlasers" and Donghan Lee (Chungnam Natl. Univ., Korea), who spoke on "A quantum-dot double solid immersion lens single photon source." For the last workshop day, Friday, Oct. 6, informal discussions, an excursion and lab tours are planned.