Experimentelle Physik VII

    WS 2016/2017

    EP7 Seminar WS 2016/2017

    Time Place Lecturer Title
    09.11.2016, 12:15 SE1 Peter Lutz Surface & Interface Electronic Structure in the Presence of Ferroelectricity in BaTiO3
    14.12.2016, 12:15 SE1 Sonja Schatz The Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetic Topological Insulators
    25.01.2017, 13:00 SE1 Philipp Eirich & Dennis Hein Masterandenvorträge
    23.02.2017, 13:00 B125 Ivan Bespalov Catalytic CO oxidation on Pd and Rh model catalysts: a PEEM and XPS study
    31.03.2017, 11:00 B125 Lisa Grad Momentum Microscopy of Epitaxial Organic Layers