Experimentelle Physik VII

    WS 2015/2016

    EP7 Seminar WS 2015/2016

    Time Place Lecturer Title
    02.12.2015 B-125 Elaheh Mozafari, Yazd University Iran Simulation of all Optical Ultrafast Switching in Birefringent Optical Fiber
    13.01.2016, 13:15 SE1 Mikhail Yablonskikh, HZB Berlin Resonant Soft x-ray photoelectron and photon emission spectroscopy of transition metal based half metallic compounds
    20.01.2016, 12:15 SE1 Hubertus Marbach, Uni Erlangen On the energy to bend an individual molecule: what can we learn from the microscopic investigation of molecular dynamics on surfaces?
    16.03.2016, 12:15 SE1 David Johnson, Uni Oregon Heterostructures with targeted nanoarchitecture and tunable properties