Experimentelle Physik VII

    WS 2012/2013

    EP7 Seminar WS 2012/2013

    Time Place Lecturer Title
    07.11.2012, 12:30 Seminarraum 2 Friedrich Roth Electronic structure of selected aromatic hydrocarbon systems investigated with EELS
    21.11.2012, 12:15 Seminarraum 1 Harutyunyan Hasmik (Uni Münster) Untersuchung von Cyclooctatetraen auf einer metallischer Oberfläche
    10.01.2012, 9:00 Seminarraum 7 Jürgen Braun (Uni Münster) Electronic structure and photoemission of Topological Metals and Insulators: W(110), Bi2Te3, Bi2Se3 and Sb2Te3
    16.01.2013, 12:30 Seminarraum 1 Stefan Kettemann (Uni Bremen) Magnetic Coupling and Spin Transport in Topological Insulators and Graphene
    30.01.2013, 12:00 Seminarraum 1 Frank Schreiber Real-time X-ray scattering studies of thin film growth: Perspectives and limitations
    06.02.2013, 12:00 Seminarraum 1 Konrad Winkler Dark Field Photoelectron Emission Microscopy of Micron Scale Few Layer Graphene
    21.02.2013, 10:30 Seminarraum 4 Evgueni Chulkov Electronic Structure of Topological Insulators
    28.02.2013, 15:15 Seminarraum 4 G. Picone, Polytechnische Universität Mailand Oxygen-assisted epitaxial growth of ultrathin films on Fe(001): from surfactant assisted growth to Fe supported ultrathin oxide films