Experimentelle Physik VII


    Publications 2012

    • Single Dirac cone on the Cs-covered topological insulator surface Sb2Te3(0001)
      C. Seibel, H. Maaß, M. Ohtaka, S. Fiedler, C. Jünger, C.-H. Min, H. Bentmann, K. Sakamoto, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. B (2012)

    • Different views on the electronic structure of nanoscale graphene: aromatic molecule versus quantum dot
      M. Wießner , N. S. Rodriguez Lastra, J. Ziroff, F. Forster  , P. Puschnig , L. Dössel, K. Müllen, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert
      New J. Phys. (2012)

    • Structural properties and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of SnOnanoparticles
      H. Mahmoudi Chenari, L. Weinhardt, N. S. Rodriguez Lastra, M. A. Ernst, F. Reinert, M. M. Golzan, and A. Hassanzadeh
      Materials Letters (2012)

    • Electronic and geometric structure of the PTCDA/Ag(110) interface probed by angle-resolved photoemission
      M. Wiessner, D. Hauschild, A. Schöll, V. Feyer, F. Reinert, K. Winkler, and B. Krömker
      Phys. Rev. B (2012)

    • Energy distribution and quantum yield for photoemission from air-contaminated gold surfaces under ultraviolet illumination close to the threshold
      G. Hechenblaikner, T. Ziegler, I. Biswas, C. Seibel, M. Schulze, N. Brandt, A. Schöll, P. Bergner, and F. Reinert
      J. Appl. Phys. (2012)

    • Adsorbate-substrate charge transfer, electron-hole correlation at adsorbate/metal interfaces
      M. Häming, A. Schöll, E. Umbach, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. B (2012)

    • Low-Energy Scale Excitation in the Spectral Function of Organic Monolayer Systems
      J. Ziroff, S. Hame, M. Kochler, A. Bendounan, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. B (2012)

    • Nuclear dynamics and spectator effects in resonant inelastic soft x-ray scattering of gas-phase water molecules
      L. Weinhardt, A. Benkert, F. Meyer, M. Blum, R. G. Wilks, W. Yang, M. Bär, F. Reinert, and C. Heske
      J. Chem. Phys. (2012)

    • Character of valence-band states in the Kondo surface alloys CeAgx/Ag(111) and CePt5/Pt(111)
      H. Schwab, M. Mulazzi, J. Jiang, H. Hayashi, T. Habuchi, D. Hirayama, H. Iwasawa, K. Shimada, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. B (2012)

    • Interplay of electronic structure and atomic ordering on surfaces: Momentum-resolved measurements of Cs atoms adsorbed on a Ag(111) substrate
      H. Bentmann, A. Buchter, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. B (2012)

    • Direct observation of interband spin-orbit coupling in a two-dimensional electron system
      H. Bentmann, S. Abdelouahed, M. Mulazzi, J. Henk, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. Lett. (2012)