Experimentelle Physik VII


    Publications 2013

    • Enhancing, reducing the Rashba-splitting at surfaces by adsorbates: Na and Xe on Bi/Cu(111)
      H. Bentmann, and F. Reinert
      New J. Phys. (2013)

    • Core Hole-Electron Correlation in Coherently Coupled Molecules
      M. Scholz, F. Holch, C. Sauer, M. Wiessner, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. Lett. (2013)

    • Electronic structure and Fermi surface of Ru(0001) and Ru(10-10) measured with high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission
      T.-N. Nguyen, M. Mulazzi, and F. Reinert
      J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. (2013)

    • A flat band at the chemical potential of superconducting Fe1.03Te0.94S0.06 observed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
      P. Starowicz, H. Schwab, J. Goraus, P. Zajdel, F. Forster, J. R. Rak, M. A. Green, I. Vobornik, and F. Reinert
      J. Phys.: Condens. Matter (2013)

    • Organic Materials: Graphene gets molecules into order (News & Views)
      F. Reinert
      Nature Physics (2013)

    • Factor Analysis and Advanced Inelastic Background Analysis in XPS: Unraveling time dependent contamination growth on multilayers and thin films
      S. Gusenleitner, D. Hauschild, T. Graber, D. Ehm, S. Tougaard, and F. Reinert
      Surf. Sci. (2013)

    • Structure formation in organic thin films observed in real time by energy dispersive near-edge x-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy
      M. Scholz, C. Sauer, M. Wießner, T. Nguyen, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert
      New J. Phys. (2013)

    • Lateral band formation, hybridization in molecular monolayers: NTCDA on Ag(110) and Cu(100)
      M. Wießner, J. Kübert, V.  Feyer, P. Puschnig, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. B (2013)

    • RIXS investigations of liquids, solutions, and liquid/solid interfaces
      L. Weinhardt, M. Blum, O. Fuchs, A. Benkert, F. Meyer, M. Bär, J. Denlinger, W. Yang, F. Reinert, and C. Heske
      J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. (2013)

    • Nanostructuring of Refractory Metal Surfaces by Electrochemical Oxidation: Nb and the Binary Systems Ti-Ta and Nb-Ta
      C. Moseke, C. Lehmann, T. Schmitz, F. Reinert, J. Groll, and U. Gbureck
      Current Nanoscience (2013)

    • Lateral inhomogeneity of the Mg/(Zn+Mg) composition at the (Zn,Mg)O/CuIn(S,Se)2 thin-film solar cell interface revealed by photoemission electron microscopy
      M. Bär, J.-P. Theisen, R. G. Wilks, F. Erfurth, R. Félix, D. Gerlach, S. Haas, L. Tati Bismaths, F. Reinert, F. Kronast, T. P. Niesen, J. Palm, S. Visbeck, and L. Weinhardt
      J. Appl. Phys. (2013)

    • Momentum-resolved evolution of the Kondo lattice into hidden-order in URu2Si2
      F. L. Boariu, C. Bareille, H. Schwab, A. Nuber, P. Lejay, T. Durakiewicz, F. Reinert, and A. F. Santander-Syro
      Phys. Rev. Lett. (2013)

    • Substrate-mediated band-dispersion of adsorbate molecular states
      M. Wießner, J. Ziroff, F. Forster, M. Arita, K. Shimada, P. Puschnig, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert
      Nat. Commun. (2013)

    • Non-equivalent carbon atoms in the resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering map of cysteine
      F. Meyer, L. Weinhardt, M. Blum, M. Bär, R. G. Wilks, W. Yang, C. Heske, and F. Reinert
      J. Chem. Phys. (2013)