Experimental Physics VII

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Spectroscopy on Condensed Matter Systems

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Prof. Dr. Friedrich Reinert

Office (F-162)

Hiltrud Eaton & Rosmarie Riegel

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EP VII-Seminar

31. 3. 2017, 11:00, B-125

Dipl. Phys. Lisa Grad

"Momentum Microscopy of Epitaxial Organic Layers"



Recent Highlights

Spin-Texture Inversion in the Giant Rashba Semiconductor BiTeI


Semiconductors with strong spin-orbit interaction as the underlying mechanism for the generation of spin-polarized electrons are showing potential for applications in spintronic devices. Unveiling the full spin texture in momentum space for such materials and its relation to the microscopic structure of the electronic wave functions is experimentally challenging and yet essential for exploiting spin-orbit effects for spin manipulation. [...]


Valence Characterization of Samarium Hexaboride


Samarium hexaboride (SmB6), which lies in the mixed valence regime in the Anderson model, has been predicted to possess topologically protected surface states. The intensive investigations on SmB6 have brought up the long standing questions about the discrepancy between the surface and bulk electronic properties in rare-earth compounds in general. [...]


Electron-Vibration Coupling in Molecular Materials


Electron-phonon coupling is one of the most fundamental effects in condensed matter physics. We here demonstrate that photoelectron momentum mapping can reveal and visualize the coupling between specific vibrational modes and electronic excitations. [...]


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