Technische Physik

    PhotonQ project meeting at the University of Würzburg


    From 27 to 29 September, the cooperation partners of the PhotonQ project came together at Würzburg University’s Campus Nord and held a productive and successful project meeting. Looking back at the last two project years, they took stock of the current progress and identified the future challenges.

    Two years after the beginning of the PhotonQ project, all collaborating partners from universities and industry gathered at the University of Würzburg to review the results of their research, discuss their progress towards the project’s goals, and address ongoing challenges.

    We would like to express our gratitude to all collaborators for their presentations, posters, fruitful and insightful discussions, and their contributions towards the realization of our project goals.

    We eagerly anticipate the next project meeting, which will be hosted by the IMS (Institut für Mikroelektronik) in Stuttgart in March 2024.