Technische Physik



    The main research objectives of ‘Technische Physik’ are related to the fabrication and characterization of semiconductor nanostructures. The group works on the development of nanostructure patterning technologies for optoelectronic applications as well as for basic physics studies of low dimensional photonic and electronic systems.

    A complete chain of processing equipment, ranging from molecular beam epitaxy over several lithographic techniques to etching and deposition systems is used to fabricate devices and nanostructures for spectroscopy and transport experiments. In addition to the cleanroom facilities, the group operates a wide range of characterization tools (optical spectroscopy, transport measurements, laser characterization, high frequency measurement,  ..), which are used to investigate the performance of devices and fundamental aspects of low-dimensional structures.

    The research is carried out in the framework of several national and international projects with numerous cooperations with universities, research centers and industry.