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    IWAPSQS 2022: TeP hosts "International Workshop on Advances in Photonics in Semiconductor Quantum Systems"


    From 24 to 27 October 2022, the IWAPSQS workshop took place in Würzburg with excellent scientific contributions.

    Professor David Gershoni about "Deterministic sources of indistinguishable photons in a cluster state".

    For the IWAPSQS workshop 2022, Prof. Sven Höfling und Prof. Alfred Forchel from the Chair for Applied Physics had invited internationally leading scientists from all over the world. Among those, Prof. Dr. Yasuhiko Arakawa had to travel the longest distance from Japan. Prof. Manfred Bayer (TU Dortmund), Prof. Hans-Peter Reithmaier (In­sti­tut für Na­no­struk­tur­tech­no­lo­gie und Ana­ly­tik (INA), Uni Kassel), Prof. Stephan Reitzenstein (TU Berlin) Prof. Christian Schneider (Uni Oldenburg), Prof. Gerd Bacher (Uni Duisburg-Essen) and Dr. Tobias Heindel (TU Berlin), all alumni of the Chair for Applied Physics, had also accepted the invitation.

    The talks took place in the AC Hotel in Würzburg and covered a broad range of topics, both fundamental research such as quantum mechanical entanglement and applications that have already become an integral part of our lives, e.g. lasers for telecommunication and sensor systems.

    The guests were also offered the possibility to visit the company Sensalight Technologies as well as the clean room and the spectroscopy laboratories of the Chair for Applied Physics. In the poster sessions, young researchers presented their latest findings to the guest scientists.

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