• MPI coil system
  • Halbach magnet
  • MPI coil
  • Xray of MPI gradient array
  • MPI electronics
Experimental Physics V


Dr. Patrick Vogel (Habilitand)

  • Traveling Wave Magnetic Particle Imaging
  • Novel devices
  • (pre-)clinical application

Martin A. Rückert (PhD student)

  • Rotational Drift Spectroscopy
  • Rotational Drift Imaging
  • Mobile Magnetic Particle Imaging

Christoph Greiner (Graduate student)

  • Traveling Wave Magnetic Particle Imaging
  • Field-Free-Line Scanners

Alexander von Boehn (Graduate student)

  • Mobile Rotational Drift Spectroscopy

Liana Mirzojan (Graduate student)

  • permanent magnet MPI-scanner design

Johanna Günther (Lab student)

  • characterization of a new MPI-scanner design