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    Molecular growth and charge transfer on surfaces

    March 9, 2019

    The structure of or­ga­nic compounds on metal surfaces is of great interest for the fabrication of devices in the field of organic elec­tro­nics but for future progress a deeper understanding of intermolecular interactions and charge transfer is required. In cooperation with the research group of Prof. Anke Krüger at Würzburg's Institute for Organic Chemistry we have investigated the two-dimensional self-assembly of tri­ben­zo­triquin­acenes (TBTQs) on Ag(111) by scan­ning tun­neling micros­copy (STM). Highly ordered monolayers were observed for the first time. STM measurements identify a charge transfer between substrate and TBTQ.  The result has been published in  the Jour­nal of Physical Chemistry C