Experimentelle Physik II


Experimental setups

We perform our experiments with six scanning probe microscopes which all operate under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions but in different temperature ranges.  Some are commercial, others home-built.  The table below lists some key features and specifications.  Click to open the link for futher details.  

Scanning probe microscopes available at EP II

label commercial/home-built temp.range magn. field UHV system
LT-1 commercial 5-130 K - 2 chamber + load lock
LT-2 home-built 5K - 2 chamber + load lock
LT-3 home-built 5K - 2 chamber + load lock
CryoMag home-built 5K 3 T 2 chamber + load lock
1K home-built 1.5-4.3 K 12.5 T 4 chamber + load lock
VT-STM/AFM commercial 35-400 K - 2 chamber + load lock