Experimentelle Physik II


    Image & Results Gallery (2014 archive)

    Structural analysis of the intermetallic surface compound CePt5/Pt(111)

    November 2nd

    The alloy CePt5 is one of the most studied 4f intermetallic surface compounds because it shows unusual electronic properties.  In particular, the formation of coherent heavy quasiparticles has recently attracted considerable interest.   We have studied the structural properties of thin films grwon on Pt(111) by low-energy electron diffraction (LEED) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). The image to the right shows LEED (left top) and STM data (top right) obtained on a film with a thickness of 3 unit cells. A zoom in image together with a structural model is shown in the bottom panel. 

    The result has been published in Physical Review B.

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    MnPc molecules on topological insulator surfaces

    September 19th

    Coupling molecules to topological insulators may offer a promising platform toward new functionalities.  In cooperation with scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, our group performed a scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy study of Mn-phthalocyanine (MnPc) molecules on a Bi2Te3 surface. MnPc is found to bind stably to the substrate through its central Mn atom. 
    The image on shows scanning tunneling spectra taken on top of an isoindole group (ligand; green line) and on the central Mn atom (blue).  Insets report differential conductance maps acquired in constant-current mode at significant energies, which display the spatial distribution of molecular states.

    The result has been published
    Nano Lett.  

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