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    FOR 1162


    FOR1162 Würzburg Fall School on "Correlated Electrons at Surfaces and Interfaces" (DFG FOR 1162), 03-07 Oct. 2011

    • Thilo Kopp: Aspects of the Theory of Oxide Interfaces
    • Guus Rijnders: Growth and Properties of Oxide Heterostructures
    • Hartmut Buhmann: The Quantum Spin Hall Effect
    • Cenke Xu: Topology and Correlation
    • Ward Plummer: Manifestations of Broken Symmetry at the Surfaces of Correlated Electron Materials
    • Piers Coleman: Lectures on Heavy Fermion Physics
    • Daniel Malterre: Photoemission Spectroscopy in Heavy Fermions
    • Volker Meden: Luttinger Liquids
    • Franz J. Himpsel: Low-dimensional Electrons at Nano-Structured Semiconductor Surfaces
    • Matthias Bode: Spin-polarized Scanning Tunneling Microscopy