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    FOR 1162


    Within FOR1162

    Project No. | Title | Project leaders

    P1 | Correlation effects in self-organized atomic nanostructures on semiconductor surfaces | J. Schäfer and R. Claessen

    P2 | Many-body effects in the electronic structure and the superconductivity of adsorbates on semiconductor surfaces | W. Hanke                  and E. Hankiewicz

    P3 | Lattice effects in quasi-2D Kondo systems | F. Reinert

    P4 | Electronic structure and many-body effects in interfaces of oxide heterostructures | M. Sing and R. Claessen

    P5 | Spin-resolved spectro-microscopy of correlated surface and interface systems | M. Bode

    P6 | Electronic and vibration excitations of ordered adatom assemblies, studied by optical spectroscopy and electron scattering |                  J. Geurts and F. Reinert

    P7 | Local magnetic moments and their interaction in correlated systems in reduced dimensions | K. Fauth

    P8 | Orbital, spin and charge fluctuations in layered oxide heterostructures | G. Sangiovanni

    P9 | Single-particle spectral functions for heavy fermion surface systems and coupled one-dimensional nanowires | F. F. Assaad