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    Experimentelle Physik VII

    WS 2022/2023

    EP7 Seminar WS 2022/2023

    Time Place Lecturer Title
    02.11.2022, 12:15 SE2 Eduard Mantel Master's Thesis Introductory Talk: Growth Properties of Bi2Te3 on Superconducting and Magnetic Substrates
    18.01.2023, 12:00 SE1 Hibiki Orio Current Research: Hybridization of Molecular Orbital and van der Waals Gap States at the CuPc/TiSe2 Interface
    31.01.2023, 15:00 EP7 Seminar Room Muthu Masilamani PhD Introductory Talk: Machine Learning Phases of the Ising Model and Theoretical Aspects of Photoemission
    08.02.2023, 12:00 SE1 Nicolai Anger Master's Thesis Introductory Talk: Tellurium Adlayers on Pt(111) and Kagome Physics