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    Experimentelle Physik VII


    Publications 2010

    • Electronic structure of ultrathin heteromolecular organic-metal interfaces: SnPc/PTCDA/Ag(111), SnPc/Ag(111)
      M. Häming, M. Greif, C. Sauer, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert

      Phys. Rev. B (2010)

    • Characterization of ultra-thin organic hetero-interfaces: SnPc/PTCDA/Ag(111)
      M. Häming, M. Greif, M. Wiessner, A. Schöll, and F. Reinert

      Surf. Sci. (2010)

    • Submonolayer growth of copper-phtalocyanine on Ag(111)
      I. Kröger, B. Stadtmüller, C. Stadler, J. Ziroff, M. Kochler, A. Stahl, F. Pollinger, T.-L. Lee, J. Zegenhagen, F. Reinert, and C. Kumpf
      New J. Phys. (2010)

    • Disordering of an Organic Overlayer on a Metal Surface Upon Cooling
      A. Schöll, L. Kilian, Y. Zou, J. Ziroff, S. Hame, F. Reinert, E. Umbach, and R. H. Fink
      Science (2010)

    • The surface state of URu2Si2
      F. L. Boariu, A. Nuber, A. F. Santander-Syro, M. Klein, F. Forster, P. Lejay, and F. Reinert
      J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. (2010)

    • Hybridization of organic molecular orbitals with substrate states at interfaces: PTCDA on Silver
      J. Ziroff, F. Forster, A. Schöll, P. Puschnig, and F. Reinert
      Phys. Rev. Lett. (2010)

    • Time-resolved measurements of electron transfer processes at the PTCDA/Ag(111) interface
      C. H. Schwalb, M. Marks, S. Sachs, A. Schöll, F. Reinert, E. Umbach, and U. Höfer
      European Phys. Journal B (2010)

    • High-temperature signatures of quantum criticality in heavy-fermion systems
      J. Kroha, M. Klein, A. Nuber, F. Reinert, O. Stockert, and H. v. Löhneysen
      J. Chem. Phys. (2010)

    • Energetics of Excited States in the Conjugated Polymer Poly(3-hexylthiophene)
      C. Deibel, D. Mack, J. Gorenflot, A. Schöll, S. Krause, F. Reinert, D. Rauh, and V. Dyakonov
      Phys. Rev. B (2010)