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    Experimentelle Physik VII

    WS 2019/2020

    EP7 Seminar WS 2019/2020

    Time Place Lecturer Title
    29.09.2019 - 01.10.2019 EPVII retreat in Frankenblick Talks given by external guests:  
        29.09.19, 20:30 V. Hinkov Introduction to Neutron Scattering
        30.09.19, 11:00L. Lunczer MBE growth of HgTe-based heterostructures
        30.09.19, 20:00 D. Di Sante Introduction to DFT / Possible unconventional superconductivity in Ge/Ag(111)
        01.10.19, 11:45 P. Eck The orbital angular momentum from first principles
        01.10.19, 15:15 B. Katter Introduction to Resonant x-ray reflectomerey
    23.12.2019 EP7 Seminar Room Rohit Sharma Magneto transport study of Tantalum disulphide