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Organisation and Stakeholders

Quality Management Stakeholders Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Description of the QM roles


  • Makes sure that all requirements within a faculty (teaching/exams) are met
  • has the authority to give directives to and supervision over the members of the faculty.

Faculty Board

  • Is responsible for all affairs neither the dean nor other bodies of the faculty are responsible.
  • Decides proposals on establishing, changing or abolishing degree courses in coordination with the subject committee.

Dean of studies

  • Works towards having a curriculum in accordance to the regulations for examinations and courses, enabling students to do their courses properly within the standard course length and towards having adequate mentoring for the students
  • is responsible for the teaching evaluation, also including students' assessments
  • regularly reports to the dean and at least once per semester to the faculty board and the university management about his or her work
  • delivers an annual teaching report to the faculty board in a non-individual-related manner
  • In appointment procedures he/she is supposed to comment on the teaching suitability of the candidates
  • is responsible for the selection of course evaluations, module and subject evaluations (in agreement with the study programme coordinators and the subject committee)
  • is responsible for reporting about the course evaluations, module and subject evaluations and analysing them with the subject officer
  • in faculty board meetings he/she reports on substantial results of evaluations
  • holds advisory talks with colleagues and is able to arrange continuing education for/with them
  • also signs the subject's representation in the subject audit or gives comments
  • is responsible that obligations resulting from evaluations/audits are being implemented
  • Management of the committee on (teaching and) the curriculum

Quality management officer

  • Is a member of the respective subject committees
  • is responsible for organizing evaluations within the faculty, by order of the dean of studies
  • checks the free text fields of evaluations 
  • gives support in the statistical evaluation and, where appropriate, in the interpretation of evaluation results
  • adds expert issue data to the subject evaluations together with the service point „Evaluation for course and teaching“
  • supports the preparation/processing of the information for the teaching report
  • supports the subject officer in compiling / updating the subject reports
  • has access to the reporting system

Study programme coordinator

  • Is the contact person for organisational aspects of a faculty (e.g. room management / administration for exams / event management / calendar and register) and has access to the reporting system
  • supports the preparation/processing of the information for the teaching report
  • coordinates the change requests of the degree courses and is responsible for involving them into the central work schedule (ZAP, Zentraler Arbeitsplan)
  • represents the faculty at the Round Table
  • represents the faculty in university-wide QM projects
  • is the juncture to other facilities of the university, as e.g. Dept 1.1 PQM (Planning of the Quality Management), regulations for examinations and courses in the Center for innovative teaching and learning (Zentrum innovatives Lehren und Studieren, ZiLS-SPO) or Section 2 (Abteilung 2)
  • is the contact point for students‘ questions that cannot be answered by the degree programme advisors

Examination Boards

  • […] makes sure that the examinations can be done within the […] determined periods of time
  • Works together with the persons responsible for the modules
  • Makes proposals for reforming the regulations for examinations and courses
  • Supports the deans of studies in issuing teaching reports
  • Announces examination dates and types of examinations
  • minutes its meetings

Chairman of the Examination Boards

  • Works towards having a curriculum in accordance to the regulation for examinations and courses, enabling students to do their courses properly within the standard course length and towards having adequate mentoring for the students, all in cooperation with the deans of studies
  • Is responsible for the coordination and composition of the individual subject combination with other subjects
  • Makes sure that subject modules eligible from other faculties are actually offered by the other faculties
  • Documents the changes in module descriptions per semester
  • Is responsible for the procedure of accepting academic work (done elsewhere)
  • Makes sure the module examination marks are being recorded promptly

Subject officer (Studienfachverantwortlicher)

  • Is responsible for the entire organisation and for the contents of the degree courses of the subject
  • Cooperates with the subject committee to initiate and execute changes in the degree courses
  • Creates drafts for the rough and fine concepts of the new degree course and of its  composition
  • Reports to the dean of studies about essential results of evaluations
  • Writes the minutes for discussing results of module evaluations, in cooperation with the dean of studies
  • Analyses results of subject and module evaluations (with subject committee)
  • Writes comments on subject evaluations, where appropriate
  • Discusses results with dean of studies and the student representative committee
  • Is responsible for updating the subject reports

Subject committee

  • Arranges things with other subject committees and recommends the assignment of a faculty’s competence for degree courses of a subject
  • is responsible for planning, installation and continuous adjustments of degree courses in an interdisciplinary subject
  • prepares recommendations for the structure of a degree course, i.e. composition of the modules with the assignment of ECTS
  • phrases the requirements for  the layout of modules and subjects
  • makes proposals to determine the module responsibility
  • makes proposals for adjusting the curricula to current requirements respectively to current developments and to disposable resources
  • arranges with other subject committees regarding import/export of teaching and the optimisation of teaching and learning units
  • prepares proposed resolutions for the faculty board regarding rearrangement and changes in the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung PO), expert regulations (Fachspezifische Bestimmungen FSB), subject descriptions (Studienfachbeschreibungen SFB), study plan (Studienverlaufsplan SVP), etc.
  • gives advice to the dean of studies regarding the selection of modules for the module evaluation
  • analyses and discusses results of subject evaluations
  • legwork regarding analyses, evaluation and table of actions, as report respectively proposed resolution for the faculty board, managed by the dean of studies
  • gives advice on general topics regarding the respective degree course
  • generates comments on the subject audit
  • resolves updated subject reports (legwork for preparing the teaching report)
  • the committee on (teaching and) the curriculum is subject committee for all subjects in the faculty
  • It is headed by one of the deans of studies of the faculty

Modules officer (Modulverantwortliche(r))

  • Modules officer is each the executive board of the offering institute
  • Coordinates the contents and the quality of courses offered in a module
  • Organises respectively coordinates the other teachers in a module regarding the compliance with the examination regulations
  • is responsible for the description of contents and competences in the modules, in cooperation with the subject committee