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Quality Management

Quality management studies & teaching

Quality management at the university

A central concern of Julius-Maximilians-University is the protection and promotion of the quality in studies and teaching. This is caused by individual as well as professionally cultural requirements and circumstances, multi-dimensional factors as e.g. competence of students and teachers, organizational frame conditions and last but not least permanent transformation. So all players have to communicate continuously about quality.

University of Wuerzburg has installed a quality management system, which provides space and framework, which ensures contribution and continuity and which is organised in cycles, thus enabling the deduction of mandatory measures.

Please find more information about quality management at the University of Wuerzburg on the pages of the department „Quality management and Development of organisation“.

Quality objectives in studies and teaching

Based on the general quality objectives of the University of Würzburg, the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy has defined its own quality objectives the achievements of which are evaluated regularly.

Roles in studies and teaching

At each faculty within the University of Würzburg there are some „players“ in the sector studies and teaching who perform tasks, assume responsibility and who have certain authorization, all within the framework of quality management. You find the description of the quality management roles as well as the topical assignment and the explanation of their tasks and authorizations in the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy on the pages “QM-Roles“,  respectively „Description of QM-Roles“.