Theoretische Physik IV


    C. Fleckenstein, N. Traverso Ziani, A. Calzona, M. Sassetti, and B. Trauzettel
    Quantum spin Hall Majorana anti-wires

    A. Calzona and B. Trauzettel
    Moving Majorana bound states between distinct helical edges across a quantum point contact

    C. Fleckenstein, N. Traverso Ziani, L. Privitera, M. Sassetti, and B. Trauzettel
    Transport signatures of a Floquet topological transition at the helical edge

    F. Keidel, S.-Y. Hwang, B. Trauzettel, B. Sothmann, and P. Burset
    On-demand thermoelectric generation of equal-spin Cooper pairs

    S.-B. Zhang and B. Trauzettel
    Detection of second-order topological superconductors by Josephson junctions

    J. Strunz, J. Wiedenmann,  C. Fleckenstein,  L. Lunczer, W. Beugeling, V. L. Muller, P. Shekhar, N. Traverso Ziani, S. Shamim, J. Kleinlein, H. Buhmann, B. Trauzettel, and L. W. Molenkamp
    Interacting topological edge channels

    F. Schulz, J.C. Budich, E.G. Novik, P. Recher, and B. Trauzettel
    Voltage-tunable Majorana bound states in time-reversal symmetric bilayer quantum spin Hall hybrid systems

    E.G. Novik, B. Trauzettel, and P. Recher
    Transport signatures of a quantum spin Hall - chiral topological superconductor junction

    D. Hetterich, G. Schmitt, L. Privitera, and B. Trauzettel
    Strong frequency dependence of transport in the driven Fano-Anderson model

    S.-B. Zhang and B. Trauzettel
    Perfect crossed Andreev reflection in Dirac hybrid junctions in the quantum Hall regime

    V. Werner, B. Trauzettel, and O. Kashuba
    Semiclassical conservation of spin and large transverse spin current in Dirac systems