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Kießling Group

Kießling Group

Research fields

Optical Spectroscopy

We field an array of optical methods ranging from the UV to the far-infrared spectral region to study electronic properties of solid state systems. Our current focus is on low energy magneto-optical spectroscopy with which we study topological matter. In particular, we employ time-domain terahertz polarimetry and Fourier transform infrared Landau level spectroscopy to study HgTe based topological heterostructures at high magnetic fields at low temperatures.

Topolectrical Circuits

Topological materials are realizations of novel states of matter that are characterized by a topological invariant. This characterization implies that the state is robust against perturbations that preserve the underlying symmetry of the system.  We design electric circuit networks that harbour topological properties and serve as a versatile platform to study a wide range of physical models of lattice regularizations.