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X-Ray Microscopy

Fraunhofer EZRT

Fraunhofer Group NanoCT X-Ray Systems

Within the framework of the Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Research Center for Complex Material Systems (RCCM) the Fraunhofer Group works closely with the university reasearch group in Würzburg as well as with the Fraunhofer-Entwicklungszentrum für Röntgentechnik EZRT (Development Center for X-Ray Technology EZRT), an affiliated department of the Fraunhofer IIS Erlangen and IZFP Saarbrücken.

Areas of Activity

As well as the development of technologies, which is especially supported by the connection to the university´s facilities, the Fraunhofer Group also offers a wide range of services:

  • Structure- and material characterization using 3D micro- and nano-CT
  • Research- and development projects with universities, institutes and SMEs
  • Technology development dynamic 4D-CT for time-resolved processes
  • Technology development X-ray focused optics and nano-CT
  • Technology development phase contrast and dark-field CT
  • Quantitative analysis of 3D structures (pores, fibres, particles, interfaces)