GRK 1147

    PhD Defenses

    PhD Defenses of GRK1147 students

    Markus Zenk
    On Numerical Methods for Astrophysical Applicatins

    Pablo Gallego
    A higher order method for hydrodynamic simulations with magnetic fields

    Sebastian Ohlmann
    Modeling the Common Envelope Phase in Binary Stellar Evolution

    Alejandro Bolanos
    Low Match Number Simulations of Convective Boundary Mixing in Classical Novae

    Christian Pasold
    QCD and electroweak NLO correction to W + Photon and Z + Photon production including leptonic decays

    Stefan Weber
    Simulation Studies on the New Small Wheel Shielding of the ATLAS Experiment and Design and Construction of a Test Facility for Gaseous Detectors

    Manuel Krauß
    Non-minimal supersymmetric models: LHC phenomenology and model discrimination

    Manuel Schreyer
    Search for supersymmetry in events containing light leptons, jets and missing transverse momentum in 8 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

    Patrick Kilian
    Teilchenbeschleunigung an kollisionsfreien Schockfronten

    Sonja Boyer
    Morphologische und spektroskopische Untersuchungen von Supernova-Überresten

    Jose Eliel Camargo
    Vacuum stability of models with many scalars

    Jason Tam
    Search for Second Generation Scalar Leptoquarks using the ATLAS Detector

    Mauricio Bustamante

    Ultra-high-energy neutrinos and cosmic rays from gamma-ray bursts: exploring and updating the connection

    Stephan Richter
    Detaillierte Simulationen von Blazar-Emissionen. Ein numerischer Zugang zu Radiobeobachtungen und Kurzzeitvariabilität

    Alexander Summa
    Modelling high-energy observables of supernova explosions

    Martin Krauß
    Testing Models with Higher Dimensional Effective Interactions at the LHC and Dark Matter Experiments


    Philipp Baerwald
    Neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts, and the multi-messenger connection

    Fabian Bach
    Charged Current Top Quark Couplings at the LHC

    Stefan Rügamer
    Multi-Wavelength Observations of the high-peaked BL Lacertae objects 1ES1011+496 and 1ES2344+514

    Svenja Hümmer
    Neutrinos aus photohadronischen Wechselwirkungen in kosmischen Beschleunigern

    Jochen Meyer
    Muon performance aspects and measurement of the inclusive ZZ production cross section through the four lepton final state with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC