FOR 1162

    International Workshop Würzburg 2012

    International Workshop on "Correlated Electrons at Surfaces and Interfaces" in Würzburg at the Residence (UNESCO World Heritage)

    Abstract Submission and Registration until 05 August 2012 (closed)


    Interacting electrons at surfaces and interfaces represent ideal model systems for a systematic study of electronic correlation effects in low-dimensional geometries. For this purpose modern surface science provides powerful experimental probes such as photoemission spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy. At the same time, advanced epitaxial deposition methods allow for the fabrication of surface and interface structures with near-atomic precision, thereby facilitating detailed control of relevant electronic interaction parameters.
    It is the purpose of this workshop to bring together experimental and theoretical experts from the fields of "Surface Science" and "Strongly Correlated Electron Systems" and provide a platform for mutual exchange in this exciting area.


    • Correlations in 1D and 2D surface structures
    • Kondo and heavy fermion physics on surfaces
    • Interfaces of oxide heterostructures
    • Topological insulators

    Invited Speakers:

    • Leon Balents (USA)
    • Jörg Kröger (Germany)
    • Hiroshi Kumigashira (Japan)
    • Laurens Molenkamp (Germany)
    • Sander Otte (Netherlands)
    • Oliver Rader (Germany)
    • Kyle Shen (USA)
    • Manfred Sigrist (Switzerland)
    • Martin Wenderoth (Germany)
    • Han Woon Yeom (Korea)
    • Harold Zandvliet (Netherlands)

    Time schedule

    Find the detailed program here.

    Format of presentations:

    • Invited Talks: 60 min (including 10 min discussion)
    • Special Invited Talks: 30 min (including 7 min discussion)
    • Contributed Talks: 20 min (including 5 min discussion)
    • Posters can be either portrait or landscape

    Conference Dinner:

    There will be a Conference Dinner on Wednesday evening at the Residence. The cost is included in the registration fee.

    Guided Tour:

    There will be an excursion to the original laboratory of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen on Wednesday afternoon. The tour will be offered in both German and English language.