FOR 1162
    "DFG-Forschergruppe FOR1162"

    The Research Unit FOR1162 is targeted at the collaborative investigation of electronic correlation effects and emergent phenomena in nanostructured surfaces and interfaces. Based on a successful initial phase we propose here an extension for a second funding period.
    The central aim is a microscopic understanding of competing interactions in systems with reduced dimensionality and their effect on the macroscopic electronic and magnetic properties. Surfaces and interfaces are particularly well suited for this purpose as they allow precise preparation and manipulation down to atomic length scales, thereby facilitating active control and tunability of relevant interaction parameters. [...]


    Electron Correlation-Induced Phenomena in Surfaces and Interfaces with Tunable Interactions


    Monika Seifer

    Office: E142
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    Prof. Dr. Ralph Claessen

    Chair of Experimental Physics 4
    Office: E141
    Phone: +49 931 31 85732

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