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    Theoretische Physik III

    Feldtheoretische Aspekte der Festkörperphysik

    Vorlesung "Feldtheoretische Aspekte der Festkörperphysik"

    Prof. Dr. Johanna Erdmenger


    Dienstags        10 - 12 Uhr,  SE 5
    Donnerstags   10 - 12 Uhr,  SE 5


    während der Vorlesungszeit alle 14 Tage

    Lecture Notes:

    Karl Landsteiner: Notes on Anomaly Induced Transport

    G. V. Dunne: Aspects of Chern-Simons theory


    I. Introduction

    II. Quantum Field Theory Concepts

    a) Quantization of Free Fields

    b) Path Integral

    c) Interactions

    d) Examples: phi^4 theory, fermions, gauge fields

    e) Renormalization

    f) Renormalization group

    g) Ward Identities

    h) Quantum Anomalies

    III. Applications I

    a) Axial anomaly in 2, 4 and 3 dimensions

    b) Dirac and Weyl semimetals

    c) Berry phase

    d) Topological insulators

    IV.  Applications II

    a) Hydrodynamics

    b) Hydrodynamics for electrons in solids

    V. Strongly correlated systems

    a) Introduction to AdS/CFT

    b) Quantum critical systems

    c) Strange metals

    VI. Defects and Kondo models

    a) Kondo's original approach

    b) CFT analysis

    c) Holographic models


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    4. A. Altland and B. Simons: Condensed matter field theory. Second edition. Cambridge University Press.
    5. E. Fradkin, Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics, Cambridge University Press.



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