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  • Seminar Elementarteilchenphysik
Theoretische Physik II

MSc. Maximilian Delto

KIT Karlsruhe

O n l i n e   T a l k : 10-Dec-2020

Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to on-shell vector boson production within the nested soft-collinear subtraction scheme


W- and and Z-boson production at the LHC plays a key role in establishing and studying the Standard Model of particle physics. For example, these processes have an important impact in fits of parton distribution functions and in the precise determination of electroweak parameters, e.g. the weak mixing angle or the W mass. In this talk I will discuss results of our recent calculation of mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to on-shell vector boson production. To this end, I will introduce the nested soft-collinear subtraction scheme, allowing for a modular, analytic and local way of handling infrared singularities appearing in fully-differential NNLO computations. I will present technical aspects of the computation of mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to on-shell Z- and W-boson production, including modifications to the subtraction prescription and the calculation of the two-loop on-shell form factor for W bosons.