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  • Seminar Elementarteilchenphysik
Theoretische Physik II

Dr. Matteo Fael

KIT Karlsruhe

O n l i n e   T a l k : 19-Nov-2020

The MUonE Project


The MUonE experiment has been proposed at CERN to measure the running of the fine-structure-constant in the space-like region in muon-electron scattering as a function of the squared momentum transfer and, from that, to determine the leading hadronic contribution of the muon g-2. To this end, all systematic effects must be known at 10 ppm, in particular the SM theory prediction must include accurate NNLO corrections plus resummation.

In this talk, I will review the recent developments in the theory for mu-e scattering, in particular the computation of the hadronic NNLO corrections which are genuine non-perturbative QCD contributions. I will discuss two different approaches for their calculation: the traditional dispersive method which makes use of the R ratio and e+e- data, and the hyperspherical method which relies only on MUonE's space-like data.