• Seminar Elementarteilchenphysik
Theoretische Physik II

Dr. Marco Bonetti

RWTH Aachen

T a l k : 20. October 2022

NLO mixed QCD-Electroweak corrections for Higgs production at the LHC


The Higgs boson has been one of the most pursued targets by both the theoretical and experimental physicists since the 70s, way before its discovery ten years ago at the LHC. Thanks to the huge efforts of both communities, we expect to reach the 1% uncertainty frontier in the near future for many processes involving the Higgs boson. At such level of precision a proper inclusion of sub-leading contributions becomes necessary in order to unveil even the smallest deviation between theory and experiment. I will present the latest analytic results in the calculation of mixed QCD-Electroweak corrections to Higgs plus jet production, which complete the set of ingredients necessary to include light-quarks NLO corrections to Higgs gluon fusion production at the LHC.