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  • Seminar Elementarteilchenphysik
Theoretische Physik II

Dr. Juri Fiaschi

Universität Münster

Talk: 09-Jan-2020

Resummation effects in weak SUSY processes


In this talk I motivate and introduce the concept of resummation in hadronic collider environment and I outline the key passages for a consistent computation of resummed cross sections and their matching to fixed order calculations in the dipole formalism.
The choice of this subtraction scheme is indeed particularly favorable for implementation in numerical tools. Following this prescription, we upgraded the RESUMMINO code and performed phenomenological studies of selected SUSY weak processes.
I present the results for slepton and neutralino pairs production and comment their improved dependence on the unphysical factorization and renormalization scales. This is consistently compared with the systematic uncertainty from improved PDFs which also include resummation effects in their fit.