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  • Seminar Elementarteilchenphysik
Theoretische Physik II

Dr. Julia Harz, TU München

Talk: 23-May-2019

Higgs enhancement and bound state formation in coannihilation scenarios of dark matter


Given the growing constraints on WIMP dark matter, coannihilation scenarios gain more and more interest. However, in order to theoretically predict the relic density, different effects have to be taken into account. In colored coannihilation scenarios, the importance of long-range interactions mediated by gauge bosons, the so called Sommerfeld effect, is by now established. However, the Higgs boson as mediator was usually neglected, thought to transmit contact interactions only. We demonstrate that the Higgs boson can lead to similarly striking effects. Moreover, we will discuss bound state formation via the emission of a gauge boson in dark matter models that feature non-Abelian long-range interactions and its impact on the dark matter abundance. Finally, we demonstrate that the Higgs boson as long-range force mediator similarly alters the bound state formation process and hence impacts the relic density prediction also via this process.