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Theoretische Physik II

Dr. Jan Heisig, RWTH Aachen

Talk: 31-Jan-2019

Probing dark matter within and beyond the WIMP paradigm


The origin of the dark matter (DM) in the Universe is one of the most pressing questions in today's fundamental physics. The increasing precision of cosmic-ray observations by the AMS-02 experiment allows for sensitive probe of its self-annihilating nature, potentially establishing a thermal WIMP scenario. We present a recent analysis of this data taking into account cosmic-ray propagation uncertainties in a novel approach. Interpreted within the WIMP framework we are able to imposing strong constraints on the annihilation rate excluding a thermal cross section for DM masses between 200 and 800 GeV. We also find an interesting, although not conclusive, preference for DM for masses below 200 GeV. At the same time, increasing constraints have cast doubt on the idea of WIMP DM and increased interest in alternative ideas. In a second part of the presentation we report on recent developments and possible probes of DM models beyond WIMPs. In particular, we demonstrate that solar gamma-rays offer a novel probe of secluded dark matter, where annihilation proceeds via an s-channel mediator with suppressed couplings to the standard model sector. A related, though phenomenologically different, situation occurs in the case of a very weakly coupled t-channel mediator, leading to the recently discovered mechanism of conversion-driven freeze-out. Both scenarios feature long-lived mediators which motivate new search strategies for DM.


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