Theoretische Physik I

PD Dr. Martin Greiter

PD Dr. Martin Greiter

Theoretische Physik I
Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg
Gebäude: M1 Informatik/Physik
Raum: 3023
Telefon: +49 931 31-81739
Martin Greiter

Research Interests

  • Fractional quantization in quantized Hall states and (itinerant) low-dimensional antiferromagnets
  • High-T superconductivity
  • Novel states of matter which may be realized by cold atoms in optical lattices

Former Teaching

  • Topological order: from quantized Hall states to magnetic systems, ws 2009/10
  • Antiferromagnetism und high-T superconductivity, ws 2008/09
  • Theoretische Physik F: Statistische Physik, ss 2008
  • Introduction to fractional quantization: quantum Hall liquids, spin chains, and high-Tc superconductivity, ws 2007/08
  • Quantum theory of many particle systems, ss 2007
  • Macroscopic quantum phenomena in metals and ultra cold gases, ws 2006/07

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