Experimental Physics V


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2017[ to top ]

  • Plasmonic nanoantenna design and fabrication based on evolutionary optimization.Feichtner, Thorsten; Selig, Oleg; Hecht, Bert in Optics Express (2017). 25(10) 10828.
  • Mode Matching for Optical Antennas.Feichtner, Thorsten; Christiansen, Silke; Hecht, Bert in Physical Review Letters (2017). 119(21) 217401.

2016[ to top ]

  • Self-Catalyzed Growth of Vertically Aligned InN Nanorods by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy.Tessarek, C.; Fladischer, S.; Dieker, C.; Sarau, G.; Hoffmann, B.; Bashouti, M.; Göbelt, M.; Heilmann, M.; Latzel, M.; Butzen, E.; Figge, S.; Gust, A.; Höflich, K.; Feichtner, T.; Büchele, M.; Schwarzburg, K.; Spiecker, E.; Christiansen, S. in Nano Letters (2016). 16(6) 3415--3425.
  • New insights into colloidal gold flakes: structural investigation, micro-ellipsometry and thinning procedure towards ultrathin monocrystalline layers.Hoffmann, B.; Bashouti, M. Y.; Feichtner, T.; Mavckovi'c, M.; Dieker, C.; Salaheldin, A. M.; Richter, P.; Gordan, O. D.; Zahn, D. R. T.; Spiecker, E.; Christiansen, S. in Nanoscale (2016). 8(8) 4529--4536.
  • Gold platelets for high-quality plasmonics.Hoffmann, Björn; Feichtner, Thorsten; Christiansen, Silke in Materials Today (2016). 19(4) 240--241.
  • Electromechanically Tunable Suspended Optical Nanoantenna.Chen, Kai; Razinskas, Gary; Feichtner, Thorsten; Grossmann, Swen; Christiansen, Silke; Hecht, Bert in Nano letters (2016). 16(4) 2680--5.

2014[ to top ]

  • Remote detection of single emitters via optical waveguides.Then, Patrick; Razinskas, Gary; Feichtner, Thorsten; Haas, Philippe; Wild, Andreas; Bellini, Nicola; Osellame, Roberto; Cerullo, Giulio; Hecht, Bert in Physical Review A (2014). 89(5) 053801.

2012[ to top ]

  • Evolutionary Optimization of Optical Antennas.Feichtner, Thorsten; Selig, Oleg; Kiunke, Markus; Hecht, Bert in Physical Review Letters (2012). 109(12) 127701.

2010[ to top ]

  • Atomically flat single-crystalline gold nanostructures for plasmonic nanocircuitry.Huang, Jer-Shing; Callegari, Victor; Geisler, Peter; Brüning, Christoph; Kern, Johannes; Prangsma, Jord C; Wu, Xiaofei; Feichtner, Thorsten; Ziegler, Johannes; Weinmann, Pia; Kamp, Martin; Forchel, Alfred; Biagioni, Paolo; Sennhauser, Urs; Hecht, Bert in Nature communications (2010). 1(9) 150----.

2009[ to top ]

  • Impedance Matching and Emission Properties of Nanoantennas in an Optical Nanocircuit.Huang, Jer-Shing; Feichtner, Thorsten; Biagioni, Paolo; Hecht, Bert in Nano Letters (2009). 9(5) 1897--1902.