Experimentelle Physik II


    Atomic manipulation

    Beyond its ability to characterize structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of surfaces with high spatial resolution, the STM can also be used to manipulate matter atom-by-atom. In this movie, we used the STM tip to create our institutional logo by arranging 46 Co atoms on the Cu(111) surface.

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    Quantum corral

    Electrons occupying surface states of noble metals form a 2D free electron gas. We can obtain quantum confinement of these electronic states by building a ring-shaped potential well consisting of Co atoms. This movie shows the successive creation of the quantum corral.  Please note the resulting standing wave features within and around the structure!

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    Electron confinement

    Scanning tunneling spectroscopy has made possible spectacular real space observations of electron confinement effects. This movie shows the evolution of the local density of states as a function of energy on a triangular shape island of Ag obtained with a scanning tunneling microscope operated at cryogenic temperature.

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    Domain wall movement

    Color-enhanced STM topographic images showing the temporal evolution of the various domains on IrTe2.

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