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    Theoretical Physics III

    Quantengravitation, Quanteninformation und statistische Mechanik (Seminar)

    WS 2019/2020: Donnerstags 14:00 - 16:00 Uhr, Seminarraum SE 7

    Datum                     Vortragende*r                  Titel
    24.10.2019 Marius Gerbershagen Generalizations of Entanglement Entropy in AdS/CFT
    31.10.2019 Philipp Hahling Path-Integral Complexity for Perturbed CFTs
    07.11.2019 Emma Loos The Connection Between cMera and Holography
    14.11.2019 Peter Schürger Deep Inelastic Scattering with AdS/QCD
    21.11.2019 Nils Funke Complexity in the sine-Gordon model
    28.11.2019 Shuta Ishigaki Nonlinear Conductivity and Quasi-Normal Modes in Holographic Conductors
    05.12.2019 David Rodrigues Hydrodynamics in strongly coupled Kagome metals
    12.12.2019 Suting Zhao Higher spin gravity
    19.12.2019 Souvik Banerjee Wormholes - Traversable, Non-Traversable, and Holographic
    09.01.2020 Lukas Elter TBA
    16.01.2020 Martin Lex TBA
    23.01.2020 Hauke Brandt TBA
    30.01.2020 Ioannis Matthaiakakis Aspects of (Higher Form) Symmetry
    06.02.2020 Christian Simon