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    Theoretical Physics III

    Dr. Andrea Amoretti


    Research interests:

    • AdS/CFT applied to strongly coupled condensed matter systems
    • Hydrodynamics
    • Statistical Mechanics and critical phenomena

    Research experience:

    • From September 2015 to September 2016: Postdoc at University of Cambridge, DAMTP


    • March 2016: PhD in Theoretical Physics, University of Genova
    • July 2012: Master in Physics, University of Genova


    You can find my complete list of publications at this Inspire link.


    Most relevant Publications:

    • Magneto-transport from momentum dissipating holography, JHEP 1509 (2015) 094 with Daniele Musso
    • Thermo-electric transport in gauge/gravity models with momentum dissipation, JHEP 1409 (2014) 160 with Alessandro Braggio, Nicola Maggiore Nicodemo Magnoli and Daniele Musso
    • Bounds on charge an heat diffusivities in momentum dissipating holography, JHEP 1507 (2015) 102 with Slessadr braggio, Nicodemo Magnoli and Daniele








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