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Theoretical Physics II

Prof. Dr. Géraldine Servant

Universität Hamburg

O n l i n e - T a l k : 20. April 2023

Baryogenesis during the electroweak phase transition


Ten years after the Higgs-boson discovery, it remains a possibility that the electroweak phase transition happened as a rather violent process, with a large departure from thermal equilibrium, via Higgs-bubble nucleations and collisions. This is a fascinating scenario for three reasons: it provides a framework for explaining the matter–antimatter asymmetry of the universe; it predicts the existence of at least one new weak-scale scalar field and thus is testable at colliders; and it would leave a unique signature of gravitational waves detectable by the future space-based interferometer LISA. I will discuss these ideas and the challenges that a viable model of electroweak baryogenesis has to face. In particular, I will present the updated situation and the prospects in the context of the minimal composite Higgs framework.