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Theoretical Physics II

Prof. Dr. Frank Siegert

TU Dresden

T a l k : 7. December 2023 --- p o s t p o n e d ---

Intricacies of vector boson scattering processes in Monte Carlo event generators


Vector boson scattering is a rare type of processes expected in the SM but an important testing ground for the mechanism of EW symmetry breaking. Their features have been theoretically studied in higher order calculations with a lot of input from the Wuerzburg group, and also measured precisely with full Run-2 data at the LHC. Today I would like to introduce to you the connection between these two worlds: Monte Carlo event generators for fully realistic predictions of our collisions, "digital twins" with which analyses are designed, detector performance is studied and irreducible background processes are modelled. Their predictions are particularly tricky for VBS processes and after an introduction I will try to highlight a few specific features from recent work in the Sherpa event generator.