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Theoretical Physics II

Prof. Dr. Dominik Stöckinger

TU Dresden

T a l k : 28. October 2021

Muon g-2: SM value and beyond-the-SM interpretations of the new Fermilab result


The muon magnetic moment g-2 is one of the most precisely known quantities in particle physics and it provides an intriguing probe of all aspects of the SM and potential ideas for physics beyond the SM (BSM). 20 years ago the Brookhaven muon g-2 experiment observed a tantalizing deviation from the SM prediction. This has motivated a new, improved measurement at Fermilab and a huge effort by the theory community. Recently, the Fermilab experiment has published its first results, confirming the deviation and strengthening the indications for BSM physics.

In the talk we provide an overview of the theory situation and discuss in particular: Why is muon g-2 sensitive to all known particles and interactions, and what is the status of the SM theory prediction? What are possible BSM interpretations of the result? We will focus on general lessons and discuss why is g-2 such a particularly interesting probe of the muon mass generation mechanism and dark matter. We will also discuss concrete promising BSM scenarios and their status.