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Theoretical Physics II

MSc. Martin Gabelmann

KIT Karlsruhe

O n l i n e   T a l k : 26-Nov-2020

Precision Higgs boson mass predictions in the (split) N/MSSM


Imposing supersymmetry inevitably leads to a connection of a theories Higgs-, gauge- and Yukawa-sector. Therefore, the discovery of a 125 GeV Higgs boson at the LHC puts tight constraints on parameter spaces of supersymmetric models which need to predict the correct Higgs boson mass. Thus, supersymmetric relations propagate the Higgs mass constraint onto a large fraction of possible SUSY-parameters. The importance of higher-order corrections in this game cannot be overemphasised: in the minimally supersymmetric SM, loop-corrections are known to be ~40% of the tree-level Higgs boson mass prediction. Therefore, a deeper understanding of the perturbative series is required in order to scrutinize valid parameter spaces of supersymmetric models. This does not necessarily involve the inclusion of the next-higher order, but might also require resummation of potentially large logarithms, scheme conversions or combinations of different approaches.
In this talk, we will discuss the status of precise Higgs boson mass predictions in different scenarios of the MSSM and NMSSM. A brief overview is given on fixed-order and effective-field theory techniques as well as combinations thereof. In particular we will focus on previous and upcoming one-loop EFT and
two-loop fixed-order predictions in the NMSSM.