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Theoretical Physics II

MSc. Colomba Brancaccio

RWTH Aachen

T a l k : 24. November 2022

ttH production at the LHC and the top-to-Higgs fragmentation function


The study of ttH production is crucial since it can provide a direct measure of the top Yukawa coupling. I will provide an overview of the experimental and theoretical state-of-the-art results concerning this interesting process. Moreover, I will illustrate how the ttH cross section can be computed at high transverse momentum exploiting the fragmentation function formalism. This approach simplifies the cross-section computation and it enables the resummation of large logarithms, an important feature in view of future colliders. In order to perform this calculation, the fragmentation functions for the production of a Higgs boson at NLO QCD were computed using modern higher-order perturbative computations techniques. I will illustrate the step needed to perform this computation from the field theoretic definition of the fragmentation to the details of the computation of the loop integrals.