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Theoretical Physics II

MSc. Christoph Haitz

ETH Zurich

O n l i n e   T a l k : 25-March-2021

Regularising divergences in higher order corrections to collider physics perdictions


The presentation shows how a relatively new type of subtraction scheme, the distributed soft scheme, is used to compute the next-to-leading order corrections to the cross-section of scattering processes. In this subtraction scheme the soft counterterms are distributed among the collinear counterterms and the soft-colinear counterterms are directly subtracted from the colinear counterterms. This means that all real emission divergences are cancelled by the collinear counterterms. This leaves one with a minimal set of subtraction currents to cancel the divergences. In the talk it will be elaborated how the use of a subtraction scheme can greatly simplify the treatment of infrared singularities. The subtraction scheme is then defined by the local counterterms. It will then be shown how the integrated counterterms are calculated from the local counterterms.