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Theoretical Physics II

Dr. Avik Banerjee

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

T a l k : 27. October 2022

Exotic LHC signatures for partial compositeness


Composite Higgs models together with partial compositeness predict the existence of new scalars and vector-like quarks (VLQ) around the TeV scale. Generically, the presence of these additional scalars opens up new decay topologies for the VLQs. In this talk I will first review the basic features of partial compositeness in the context of 4D confining gauge theories. Then I will present a generic TeV scale Lagrangian to capture the phenomenological signatures of VLQs in this class of models. I will also present the current status of the VLQ search at the LHC, their limitations and scope for extensions. Finally, I will focus on a concrete model to show that the VLQs in this model can have significant branching ratios to additional new scalars and a third generation quark, compared to the usual Standard Model channels.

Based on arXiv: 2202.00037 [hep-ph] and arXiv: 2203.07270 [hep-ph]