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Theoretical Physics II

Dr. Alan Price

Universität Siegen

T a l k: 16. November 2023 --- p o s t p o n e d ---

An old Resummation for a new Collider


The upcoming physics programs at future lepton colliders hold the promise of achieving an unparalleled level of experimental precision, poised to transform our field. Realizing the success of these programs hinges on enhancing theoretical calculations to not just meet but exceed experimental accuracy. A crucial facet of theoretical improvement pertains to the treatment of electroweak radiative corrections in processes initiated by leptons, with a particular emphasis on the QED contribution, known to induce substantial logarithmic enhancements in regions of the phase space targeted by experiments.

In this presentation, I will begin by providing a comprehensive overview of QED corrections specific to lepton colliders, highlighting the current state-of-the-art calculations in this domain. Subsequently, I will delve into Sherpa's implementation of the Yennie-Frautschi-Suura resummation technique, a powerful tool that effectively resums all soft logarithms to an infinite order. Moreover, I will elucidate its seamless integration with automated matrix-element tools and its interface with automated one-loop providers, demonstrating the cutting-edge advancements in this critical aspect of our research.