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  • Elementary particle physics seminar: speaker in the right background standing at the black board, on the left overhead projection of his talk. Audience (2 rows) in front of him with their backs at the camera.
Theoretical Physics II

Marcel Krause, KIT Karlsruhe

Talk: 9-May-2019

Higher-Order Corrections to 2HDM Higgs Decays with 2HDECAY


Among the simplest extensions of the Standard Model (SM) Higgs sector is the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model (2HDM). In order to discern subtle new physics effects in the Higgs sector from the SM background precise theoretical predictions for Higgs observables are required. We present the program package 2HDECAY which allows for the calculation of branching ratios and partial decay widths of all Higgs bosons of a general CP-conserving 2HDM including higher-order corrections. The tool combines the state-of-the-art quantum chromodynamics (QCD) corrections implemented in HDECAY with the full electroweak one-loop corrections to all non-loop-induced two-body on-shell Higgs decays in the 2HDM. The renormalization of the electroweak sector is performed mostly in an on-shell scheme. Exceptions are the MS-bar renormalized Z_2-symmetry-breaking scale m_12^2 and the scalar mixing angles alpha and beta for the CP-even and CP-odd/charged Higgs bosons, for which several different renormalization schemes are implemented. 2HDECAY allows for a consistent comparison of the partial decay widths and branching ratios obtained from the different renormalization schemes of the mixing angles which enables an estimate of the remaining theoretical error due to missing higher-order corrections. 2HDECAY can be obtained from github.com/marcel-krause/2HDECAY.