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  • Elementary particle physics seminar: speaker in the right background standing at the black board, on the left overhead projection of his talk. Audience (2 rows) in front of him with their backs at the camera.
Theoretical Physics II

Dr. Jonas Lindert, University of Durham, Great Britain

Talk: 27-Jun-2019

Precision Higgs physics as a gateway to new physics


The continuous improvement of statistics and experimental systematics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) permits to challenge the Standard Model of particle physics at steadily increasing levels of energy and precision. In particular precision measurements in the Higgs sector allow for tests of electroweak symmetry breaking, and might show first hints of physics beyond the Standard Model. In this context, the uncertainty of theoretical predictions both for Higgs signal processes and important backgrounds start to play a decisive role in many analyses. This provides a strong motivation to push theoretical predictions towards more complex processes and higher perturbative orders including QCD and electroweak corrections. In this talk, I will review Higgs phenomenology at the precision frontier, with a focus on recent results for the Higgs transverse momentum spectrum, for di-Higgs production, and for backgrounds in top-associated Higgs production and in searches for invisible Higgs decays.


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