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  • Elementary particle physics seminar: speaker in the right background standing at the black board, on the left overhead projection of his talk. Audience (2 rows) in front of him with their backs at the camera.
Theoretical Physics II

Gernot Knippen, Universität Freiburg

Talk: 11-Jul-2019

NLO QCD and EW corrections to triple-W production with leptonic decays in proton-proton collisions


Multiboson production processes are paramount to investigate the triple and quartic gauge couplings arising in the SM and provide a direct window to the process of electroweak symmetry breaking. A precise theoretical prediction is necessary to confront theory with data and search for physics beyond the SM. I will present a NLO EW and QCD calculation of WWW production with leptonic decays in proton–proton collisions. Beside the full off-shell calculation, I will present results in the triple-pole approximation, expanding transition amplitudes around the three W resonances.